Dematerialization: EDM or digital safe?

Dematerialization: Electronic document management or digital safe?

What is a digital safe?

It is a highly secure personal digital storage space. The digital safe is a trusted third party service

The digital safe has a high level of security and traceability, which enables it to give probative value to the archived documents. The files deposited are exclusively accessible to the users identified as owners of the safe.

What are the concrete applications of an electronic safe?

It can

It Can not

What is electronic document management (EDM)?

The term EDM refers to software for managing document content.

EDM software mainly implements shared systems for acquiring, indexing, filing, storing information, accessing (browsing and searching) and distributing documents within an organization. The EDM is therefore an organizational tool that connects to your system to help you facilitate or automate the implementation of your document processes.

What are the concrete applications of an EDM?

It can

It can not

How to choose the right solution for my organization

You are a small structure addressing professionals, you wish to secure the sending of invoices or sensitive documents to your customers

Your priority is to secure the payment of your services, so you need to be sure that your customers receive their billing documents. You also need to archive these same documents for a period of 10 years, which requires a dedicated and secure space.

Our invoice dematerialization platform deposits your invoices in electronic format in a digital safe available to your customers and archives them in a corporate digital safe. In just a few clicks you can deliver your customers’ invoices in bulk or individually and archive them to meet your legal obligations. A real saving of time and space associated with a large reduction of the risk of loss linked to fire or humidity incidents that all small structures will appreciate.

You need to optimize your time and increase security and confidentiality in your HR processes

You need to centralize the management of your HR documents for all your agencies. Modernity, security, traceability and confidentiality are among the intrinsic values of your business. You also need to archive all of this information and guarantee access to the information for each employee for at least 5 years after they leave the company. 

Our solution for dematerializing HR documents and pay slips will allow your HR managers to save time and space. It will provide you with a response adapted to compliance requirements by offering each employee a personal digital safe as well as a corporate digital safe.

If you entrust your accounting firm with the management of your payroll and the distribution of pay slips, you can create an account for them to manage the dematerialization of your pay slips. 

You want to go further and create a classification plan for all your documents and automate all your administrative processes

Your company has extensive documentation and well-defined processes. You want to boost and secure the exchange of information within your organization by going digital in order to focus on the high value-added production of your business.

With, enjoy all the benefits of the Docaposte dematerialization platform, Europe’s leading dematerialization solution, without losing the advantages of 100% Monegasque data governance. is a dematerialization service that will allow you to take care of your documents from their scanning to their exploitation. File, share, initial, sign and send your digital documents in a few clicks, save your employees’ time and considerably reduce your organization’s printing and mailing costs.