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Actis assists you with your GDPR compliance, personal data protection (CCIN) and the dematerialization of calls for tenders and public contracts.
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Digital transformation is a legal issue too

The digital transformation is developing very rapidly, and it often poses questions of law and ethics. The laws cover the use of digital tools and the data they generate for each user.

Monaco's data protection law

In the Principality of Monaco, the CCIN controls the collection, confidentiality and use personal data belonging to international customers of Monegasques companies and bodies, and punishes offenders with heavy penalties where necessary.

Actis, a trusted partner for your compliance needs

As an expert in digital compliance in Monaco, Actis is actively involved in the country’s digital transition, and communicates on a regular basis with the Principality’s institutions and working groups. This approach, together with the fact that we are a local company, enables us to ensure a quality of service that meets your needs.

High value added services for companies

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enables you to ensure that your data management complies with the rules, and that you are complying with the CCIN’s requirements. Actis goes even further, with a range of services that place your professional needs at the heart of your approach to compliance.

Transform your legal constraints into a business asset.

Actis analyses your level of compliance, your professional processes and your digital tools, and then suggests the appropriate tools, support plans and training for your business, your operations and your objectives. Find out about our innovative, durable solutions for using data as a point of strength that will allow you to ensure a relationship of trust with your customers, partners and workers while also reducing your costs and boosting the profitability of your company.

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