Our partners

Our partners

To ensure the success of your digital projects, Actis has chosen to work with the best partners in the information technology field.

The telis Group network

When you use Actis, you are surrounded by experts who will enable you to take the right decisions. Our partners are sisters with hosting your data, equipping our BRP installations and publishing expert software.
Groupe Telis

The telis Group

Actis is a member of the Telis Group. The Telis Group offers innovative solutions in information and communication technologies.

MonacoDatacenter, Datacenter des décideurs exigeants


Actis uses the only green IT data centre in Monaco to host your data in complete security while also respecting the environment.

Our main partners

These partners have chosen Actis’s teams’ know-how to ensure the correct integration of their solutions in the Principality of Monaco.
WIMI - Plateforme de travail collaboratif en ligne


The secure and online collaborative teleworking platform to boost your productivity !

Docaposte - Services de dématérialisation et transformation numérique de l'entreprise


Digital Branch from group "La Poste". Docaposte is the european leader for dematerialization.

Hacknowledge, Challenger votre cyber sécurité


Hacknowledge offers cyber management solutions to monitor your system, detect security breaches and resolve it.

Carbonite, Data Protection, Disaster recovery

Carbonite Gold partner

Carbonite offers a complete and effective data outsourcing solution.

Ceurity.com : coffre-fort Numérique


Our partner for providing you with the best digital safe solution on the market.

CERTEUROPE, tiers de confiance et certification


Certeurope is a trusted third parties and certifications provider.

Jaguards, Hyperviseur sûreté, PC de crise


Our connected crisis management solution partner.

atline partenaire marchés sécurisés

Atline Services

Our partner for the management of secure online public contracts.

Smart Global Governance

Smart Global Governance

We provide software that enables you to supply, maintain and develop your GDPR compliance.

Innovation in our sights

Actis has inherited its forward-looking vision and innovation that draws from new technologies from the Telis Group . This is why Actis’s partners also respond to very special criteria in these areas, offering secure, connected and easy-to-use solutions on a daily basis.