Crisis management – cyber resilience

Crisis management

Actis offers Monaco companies services, tools and solutions to prepare for the efficient management of continuity and resuming business in the face of incidents and any crisis situations.
Actis helps your company to become resilient

Take control of crisis situations

Whatever your business may be, it now mostly depends on your computer equipment. Invoicing, accounting, inventory management, communications, telephone, Internet … Any breakdown at these workstations could lead to a loss of turnover.
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of French companies have been subjected to a cyber attack
50% of them have lost data during these attacks.
(Source: 2018 Cisco Annual Report).
million dollars lost per company in 2017

For companies who have spend 4 consecutive weeks or more of fighting a cyber-attack.

(Source: Accenture – 2017 COST OF CYBER CRIME STUDY)

Be careful with e-mails.

They are still the number one vehicle for spreading attacks, Social network platforms follow.

(Source: 2018 Cisco Annual Report).

Assist you with your cyber-resilience process

The cyber-resilience of the company and its ability to adapt and resist incidents while keeping up its business activity. A company’s cyber-resilience is built around four pillars:
Sécurité IT

Prevent and protect

Build an information system (IS) that is as resistant to cyber attacks as possible. Train users and raise their awareness.


Detect and analyse potential incidents as soon as possible.


Build devices to react immediately to attacks and emergency procedures in the event of an incident.
Reprise d'activité

Bounce back

Plan parallel, independent information systems so that you can continue your business activity and maintain the profitability of your company.

Our solutions for crisis management

Find out about our crisis management solutions so that you can plan for risks, anticipate solutions and start your business activity up again rapidly in the case of an incident. Don’t let a breakdown, an accident or a cyber attack damage your work. Protect your company.

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