Business continuity plan – Cyber resilience

Business continuity plan (BCP)

With over 15 years’ experience in risk management in Monaco, Actis helps you draw up your business continuity plan.

Don't let a crisis catch you by surprise

Companies need to manage unforeseen situations that may have consequences for their business on a daily basis. The significant operating losses that result from them can put the lace of a company at risk.

In order to be able to control the impact of a crisis and make efficient continuity of their business possible, companies can set up a business continuity plan (BCP).

Anticipate crises so you can fight them more effectively

Plan de continuité d'activité (PCA)
Business continuity plan
Analyse des risques
Risk analysis
Limitation des risques
Tailor-made risk limitation
accompagnement et mise à jour
Support and evolution


We analyse your professional procedures, tools and IT with you to establish a precise map of your data.
We prepare a list of potential risks and evaluate the dangers for the company and its business.
We help you to create a crisis unit and identify the key members of your team’s in relation to business continuity.


With you, we establish the maximum business interruption period (RTO) and the maximum permissible level of loss of data (RPO).
We help you designate key markers, create emergency buttons and draft the procedures to be followed in the event of a crisis.
We prepare a testing plan together that will enable you to identify breakdowns and malfunctions so that you can react as quickly as possible in the event of a crisis.

Creating durability

Crisis simulations to test the efficiency of your BCP and improve it.
We assist you with maintenance of your BCP

Validate your BCP and take action!

Once your continuity plan has been validated, Actis gives you the resources to put it in place with crisis management tool 3.0, which operates on any kind of terminal. In the event of an incident, Actis also offers you a complete business recovery plan (BRP) that includes tests and scenarios so that you will be ready on the day.

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