About Actis

About Actis

A subsidiary of the Telis Group formed in 2003, Actis is an expert in the digital transition, the security of digital data, GDPR compliance and information systems crisis management in the Principality of Monaco.

The story of Actis, a Telis Group subsidiary

Following the attacks on 11 September 2001, the world became aware of the risk and the dramatic consequences run by every company following a major incident. Actis was therefore formed to protect companies’ data and to make efficient physical and digital fallback solutions available to them in the event of an incident or major crisis.

In 2003, the Monegasque Société Anonyme Actis is formed as part of the Telis Group to protect and secure the strategic data of companies in the Principality.

With its experience with numerous customers in the Monegasque financial sector, and as a pioneer in business continuity and recovery plans, Actis expands its range of products and offers dematerialization, crisis management and legal compliance services.

Following the inauguration of the Monaco DATACENTER on 6 November 2013, Actis can now allow its customers to be hosted at the first green IT data centre in the Principality, a true data bunker. With its high quality service adapted to a maximum security level, Actis pursues its objectives of offering a quality, tailor-made service to its private and institutional customers alike.

In line with the values that led to its formation, Actis continues to protect, secure and retrieve strategic data to its customers.

Find out about Actis’s development in the face of the challenges posed by the digital transition.

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