Business recovery plan – Cyber resilience

Business recovery plan (BRP)

Actis prepares your business recovery plan and assist you with the management of crisis situations. A computerized recovery site that is unique in Monaco and BRP tests enable you to be prepared.

Tools and infrastructures for a successful business recovery

Plan de reprise d'activité
Business recovery plan
Externalisation de sauvegarde sécurisée

Outsource your data at MonacoDATACENTER

Posistion de repli et support 24/7
Recovery position in Monaco with 24/7 support and response
Formations et tests
BRP testing, raising users’ awareness

Tailor-design your business recover plan

Keep your employees working

Get the workstations you need. Ensure that your business will continue and limit the impact of the crisis. You can spread out the arrival of your employees and gradually restart your services until the problem has been resolved.

Typical workstation

Personalize your work stations based on your professional needs

Numerous options to respond to your needs:

A conference room with a projector and a screen to analyse the situation as a team and take the right decisions
A separate office to steer operations with complete confidentiality.
A vault equipped with safes to secure funds and strategic documents…
Do you need a security guard, additional devices, specialist technical support or assistance with managing the crisis? Send us your requests and find out more!

We adapt to your needs

We offer you solutions for the recovery and backing-up of your data in line with your real needs. For the installation of a secure VPN tunnel to complete management of your protection solutions, you choose the solution that is most consistent with your business recovery plan.

Our data protection solutions for your BCP

We securely connect your Monaco antenna with your parent company abroad via a secure VPN connection. You connect to your usual infrastructure and recommence work efficiently from our premises.
We carry out regular backups (at your convenience) of your data at our high-security datacenter in Monaco. In the event of a crisis, we recover the protected data and make them available to you using our emergency IT infrastructure. This means that you are certain to suffer only a minimal loss of your data.
We analyse the map data of your BRP so that we can offer you a group of tailor-made solutions to protect your data and a service to monitor your protection systems. In the event of a crisis, we recover the protected data and make them available to you using our emergency IT infrastructure. This means that you are certain to suffer only a minimal loss of your data.

Our technical teams are at your service

Our technical teams can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the case of an alert, you contact the on-call team at any time to prepare for the emergency procedures in your business recovery plan to be launched.

Experts to ensure the success of your BRP

Our experts undertake to ensure the security of your data. They prepare a list with you of your co-workers who are taking part in your business recovery. They ensure the secure access of your teams to the backup site. They undertake to respect the confidentiality of the information sent under a BRP.
We recover your data, install the emergency computerized infrastructure and guarantee the optional services included in your contract within four hours after your call.
We host your teams and guarantee technical support from the emergency computerized infrastructure so that your business recovery is carried out under optimal conditions.

Prepare your teams for crisis situations

We offer you training to raise awareness of risks and scenarios with BRP testing. We help your personnel acquire good habits for minimizing risks. Testing your BRP also enables you both to understand your capacity to react and to identify weak points before it is too late.

Prevention is better than cure

Over 50% of cyber-incidents are attributable to human error. In response to this, we offer training to raise awareness of digital risks in order to anticipate the risk. There are life-saving skills in Informatics, too.
Because putting things into practice makes it possible to discover whether a theory is valid, essential to test your BRP. We simulate a crisis situation that your company has experienced together, and we verify the validity and efficacy of your services at our premises.

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