The role of the DPO in your RGPD compliance

The role of the DPO in your company's RGPD compliance

To be compliant with the RGPD you must appoint a Data Protection Officer.
He can be internal or external.

The DPO, or Data Protection Officer, advises and supports the organization(s) that designate(s) him/her in complying with the legal framework relating to personal data.

Some rules to follow when choosing your DPO

Understand the role of the DPO

The role of the DPO can be broken down into 3 parts:

Contact persons and communication levels of the DPO:

DPO'S role

Actis offers you an external DPO

Entrust the role of DPO to our Actis experts. They carry out the essential tasks that guarantee your company’s RGPD compliance day after day.