Available: Online e-signature platform

Actis X Docapost : Mademat.mc

Available: Online electronic signature platform

The online electronic signature platform jesigne.actis.mc offered by Actis and Docaposte is now available in Monaco. 100% Monegasque hosting

Actis and Docaposte are today launching a new secure, simple and innovative online electronic signature service, with 100% Monegasque data hosting: Jesigne.actis.mc

The service is offered through a complete monthly or annual subscription package starting from 10 document signatures per month for 24.47€/month or 280€/year. The service includes the entire signature process, from the submission of the document to be signed by the issuer to the archiving of the document signed by the various parties in a digital safe with evidential value. It is therefore the first complete electronic signature solution in Monaco.

Once the user is identified on the service’s online platform, all he or she has to do is follow a few steps to have a document (e.g. a contract) signed by one or more signatories

The signatories will then be able to sign the document, even remotely, from their computer or smartphone with double OTP authentication.

The documents digitally signed by the solution will be archived in Monaco by Actis in the Cecurity.com digital safe with evidential value. Actis and Docaposte thus guarantee a 100% Monegasque chain of trust throughout the digital signature process.

With more than 50 million electronic signatures per year, Docaposte, a reference in digital trust and an expert in the processing of sensitive data, is the French leader in electronic signatures.

All the solutions making up this new service are hosted in MonacoDatacenter, the Telis Group’s ISO 27001 certified green datacenter in Monaco. For the past 10 years, MonacoDatacenter has been hosting the solutions of the Telis Group and its clients in a secure and highly available location in Monaco.

On 10th March 2021, the Monaco Government launched the Monegasque electronic signature for companies. This is a significant step forward as the electronic signature, in addition to being reliable and securing processes, makes exchanges more fluid, simpler and faster.

Through their new service, Actis and Docaposte are providing Monaco with a concrete application by including the Monegasque electronic signature at the heart of a complete online signature process, from the issuance of the document to be signed to its compliant digital archiving.

A solution to facilitate the signature process of Monegasque companies and organisations:

"Through this new service combining the expertise of Actis and Docaposte, we are offering a new world of opportunities to Monegasque companies and organisations. Simple to use, fast and efficient, available from all digital media, our online platform meets the business needs of companies around electronic signature."
Thierry Leray, Directeur Général Telis Groupe
Thierry Leray
Chief Executive Officer of the telis Group
"We are very pleased to strengthen our partnership with Docaposte with this solution which promises a real acceleration for Monegasque companies. It will enable them to transform their opportunities while reinforcing the confidentiality and security aspects necessary for signature procedures. This is a high value-added service made possible, from a legal point of view, through Monaco's digital transition, which is governed by the law for a digital Principality. "
Marion Soler, Directeur d'ActisSAM
Marion Soler
Managing Director of Actis, a subsidiary of the telis Group
"We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership initiated in 2020, with the implementation of an EDM (Electronic Document Management) solution, and to continuing to offer trusted digital solutions to Monegasque businesses."
Docaposte - Services de dématérialisation et transformation numérique de l'entreprise
Gérard Ca
Director of Docaposte Monaco, a subsidiary of Docaposte

About Docaposte

As a leader in digital trust in France and a subsidiary of La Poste Group, Docaposte supports all companies and public institutions in their transformation and enables them to accelerate it with confidence. As an expert in the processing of sensitive data and a trusted third party, Docaposte is uniquely positioned in the market to meet the entirety of a client’s needs from start to finish, in compliance with regulations and with the assurance of highly secure data. As the leader in trusted digital solutions (electronic voting, electronic registered letters, electronic signatures, digital archiving) and the leading operator of health data in France with over 45 million medical records, Docaposte provides its expertise in the design and management of customised digital platforms. Its industrial and management delegation know-how enables it to meet all its clients’ needs. Docaposte has more than 40,000 corporate and public sector clients and 6,500 employees at nearly 70 sites in France and abroad. Docaposte has planned to achieve €750m in turnover by 2021. More information on www.docaposte.com

About Actis

Actis, a subsidiary of the telis Group, has been providing Monegasque companies and organisations with a complete range of innovative data protection and business resilience solutions for 20 years. Coupled with a service that listens to your real needs, our solutions enable you to react effectively in the event of a crisis or disaster. Today, we offer even more services, with the first eco-responsible datacenter in Monaco for the conservation and restitution of your data and support for companies to comply with digital data management or dematerialisation.



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