NAS and file server data protection

NAS and file server data protection

Reinforce NAS and file server data protection with our outsourcing solution hosted at MonacoDatacenter. Seamless, autonomous data recovery with time-based navigation.

Why outsource NAS and file server protection?

These days, a NAS backup is no longer enough to protect your file server data.
NAS and file servers are being targeted by ransomware attacks that can encrypt or erase your data.

What’s more, more and more attacks are targeting small and medium-sized businesses. While 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, only 14% are considered to be prepared, aware and able to defend their networks and data.

Cyber risk figures for Small Businesses

In addition to the risks associated with damage to your premises, such as water damage or fire, cyber-attacks represent a risk to your business that should not be overlooked.

+400% increase in cyber attacks

between 2020 and 2022

130,000 € per data theft

medium average cost in France in 2023

41% of small businesses fail...

to recover their data after a breach.

8H interruption of activity minimum

for companies after a cyber attack.

How does Actis protect NAS and file server data?

Effortless data protection for users

Quick and easy installation

Backup agent installed
in a few minutes.

Continuous web backup

A backup every 15 minutes if the workstation is connected.

Backup monitoring
and alerts

Monitor the status of backups, and be notified in the event of an alert

Easy, fast, secure data recovery tailored to your needs

Autonomous data restoration

Thanks to our data recovery portal, available online or from the Backup Agent, users can recover all their data themselves. Access to the portal is password-protected. For added security, double authentication (MFA) can be activated.

Time navigation via our web portal

Online access to all versions of your files within 180 days. Access your files through a quick and easy-to-use interface. Restore your data on any machine without worrying about OS or environment compatibility. You can restore everything, or just what you need.

Compliance with best safety practices and Monegasque governance

Compliance with the 3-2-1 rule

3 copies of data : Your data must exist in 3 versions! The original and 2 backups.

2 different media: Your data must be copied to at least 2 different technological platforms.

1 off-site copy: One of the copies of your data must be located off-site to protect you in the event of an on-site incident (fire, flood, water damage, theft, etc.).

0 errors after verification: Backup and restore operations must be tested in normal conditions to ensure that they function correctly.

Secure solution hosted in Monaco

Green, secure hosting: Your data is hosted in the telis Group’s MonacoDatacenter, certified ISO 27001 and HDS.

Data security: data encryption, anomaly detection, trust code and access protection.

Traceability and compliance: immutable logging of data access and administration actions.

Backup volume reduction: The solution offers a deduplication system for backed-up data.

Choose the offer best suited to your needs​

Our subscription rates for a backup agent


Price excl. VAT/month/Nas or file server

1 Month

169,99 €

12 Month

129,99 €

24 Month

119,99 €

36 Month

109,99 €

Our prices include : Backup agent license, 2 TO storage space for backed-up data, portal access, PDF user manual, Actis user support during business hours.

Our prices do not include : assistance with installing the backup agent, additional storage space for backed-up data, setting up a customized backup policy and any services not mentioned. 

Our optional additional services

Storage expansion

Support and personalization

Price excl. VAT / month
1 TO

19,99 €

2 TO

39,99 €

5 TO

99,99 €

10 TO

199,99 €

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