Legal Opinion on the dematerialization of payslips

Legal Opinion on our electronic pay slip solution

Actis has asked the law firm Caprioli & Associés to produce a Legal Opinion attesting to the compliance of the process of dematerialising Actis pay slips in the Principality of Monaco with the requirements of Ministerial Order no. 2019-1088 of 20 December 2019 relating to electronic pay slips.

Pay slip integrity thanks to the signature and digital safe

The procedures for issuing the seal or signature certificates used in the Actis pay slip dematerialization offer make it possible to determine the conditions for compliance with the expected integrity.

In addition, the proof verification procedure ensures the integrity of the payslips submitted. In this respect, the dematerialization service complies with Article 3 of the Order as regards the integrity of payslips.

The digital safe guarantees that pay slips will be kept

Articles 5 and 6 of the Order stipulate that pay slips must be easily accessible for a period of five years from the date of issue. This accessibility must be guaranteed from the time it is issued.


The documents entered into the Digital Archiving by the user are kept for a minimum of 50 years from the date they are deposited, in order to cover all the legal obligations that may apply to the documents concerned.


Depending on their profile, users may have the right to delete documents, in which case the duration of the document will be limited to that chosen by the user. Each CFEC has a storage capacity of 5 gigabytes, so users can store items up to this size in their safe

Secure and private communication guaranteed thanks to the digital safe

Article 4 of the Order provides for private and secure access by employees to their pay slips.

In accordance with article 4 of the Order, the contractual obligations placed on the user to keep secret the password they have chosen, coupled with the specific features of the CFEC, demonstrate the compliance of the Service in terms of access control.


ACTIS therefore provides for the encryption of the flows containing the pay slips at the time they are deposited in each CFEC.

they are deposited in each individual CFEC.
In addition, MonacoDatacenter, the DataCenter hosting the solution, is ISO 27001 certified, which
high level of security for the CFECs hosted.

It is also possible to benefit from an Actis digital safe hosted in Monaco’s sovereign cloud, Monaco-Cloud, which is also ISO 27001 certified.

Guaranteed availability of pay slips thanks to ISO27001-certified hosting of the solution

Maintenance of the data centre’s components is carried out without interrupting service. The MonacoDATACENTER guarantees 99.997% availability. Since the service opened in 2013, we have guaranteed 100% availability of our data centre.


– 24/7 supervision and maintenance of the data centre

– Ongoing remote and on-site checks
– Preventive maintenance on Monaco DATACENTER components
– Maintenance carried out by our certified technicians and engineers


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