Pay slip dematerialization

Pay slip dematerialization

A complete solution for dematerializing, distributing and archiving employee payslips, in compliance with French and Monegasque legal requirements.

Our platform for dematerializing HR documents

A secure Saas platform hosted in the Principality of Monaco. Easy to use, it focuses on the Human Resources function. It enables you to rapidly process the dematerialization, distribution and legal digital archiving of HR documents, particularly pay slips, in the company’s digital safe, in conjunction with each employee’s personal safe.

Compliance with Monaco rules for payslips dematerialization

Our customers talk about their dematerialization experience

Immediate benefits for companies

A service dedicated to the needs of HR departments

Distribute and archive sensitive documents for employees

Salary slips
Human Resources documents
Standardized documents

2 types of safe for total archiving compliance

Employer's digital safe

The employer’s digital safe stores and archives all sensitive company documents with evidential value. Control the confidentiality of company information

Employee's digital safe

The employee’s personal digital safe enables him to keep all his pay slips, employment contract and personal documents linked to the company, even after his departure. Only the employee has full access to the safe.

The digital safe, trusted archiving

Archivage à valeur probante
Archiving with probative value
Archivez vos factures dans le coffre fort numérique

Manual or automated filing

Coffre-fort électronique personnel

A personal digital safe for each user

coffre zero Knowledge

Secure private hosting in Monaco

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