GDPR and personal datas protection

GDPR and personal data

Is your company in compliance with the GDPR? Are you in compliance with the Monegasque regulations on personal data? Actis provides support to you, and enables you to transform a legal obligation into a business asset.

Ensure that you have GDPR compliance

Are you GDPR compliant?

Since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation has applied to European and international companies processing the personal data of European citizens. Thanks to its specialist experts in data protection laws, Actis offers an audit of your compliance and solutions that enable you to comply with the regulations, while at the same time bringing you real organizational and financial benefits.

Personal datas Regulations in Monaco

Experience and involvement of Actis experts in the Principality of Monaco also enables you to bring your company into compliance with Monegasque legislation. Local implementation and close links with institutions and working groups make Actis your trusted partner for successful operational compliance.

Our solutions for making you GDPR compliant

Find out about our support packages that we have created specially to take you to the level of GDPR compliance that meets your needs and requirement level.

A status report on your GDPR compliance

Our experts carry out a point-by-point analysis of your company’s compliance with the GDPR.

Advice and information

Actis sends you a report to help you decide on the solutions to be implemented, and assists you with informing your teams.

A plus for your DPO

Our Premium option is an additional service that will allow your Data Protection Officer (DPO) to perform his or her duties on a sound basis validated by our experts.

Assistance with drafting documents

The compliance documents use a precise, technical language that is specific to the digital and legal professions. Our experts help you draft state-of-the-art compliance documents.

Creating a GDPR dossier

Monitoring for irreproachable compliance

Our Gold option enables you to train your DPO and provide him and her with regular support to ensure clinical management of your GDPR

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