GDPR compliance and personal datas protection

GDPR and personal data

Is your company in compliance with the GDPR? Are you in compliance with the Monegasque regulations on personal data? Actis provides support to you, and enables you to transform a legal obligation into a business asset.

Ensure that you have GDPR compliance

Are you GDPR compliant?

Since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation has applied to European and international companies processing the personal data of European citizens.

Thanks to its specialist experts in data protection laws, Actis offers an audit of your compliance and solutions that enable you to comply with the regulations, while at the same time bringing you real organizational and financial benefits.

Personal datas Regulations in Monaco

Experience and involvement of Actis experts in the Principality of Monaco also enables you to bring your company into compliance with Monegasque legislation. Local implementation and close links with institutions and working groups make Actis your trusted partner for successful operational compliance.

Our solutions for making you GDPR compliant

Discover our support packages, our external DPO services specially designed to provide you with the level of RGPD compliance corresponding to your needs and your level of requirement. For better monitoring of your compliance, Actis offers you the SmartBooster platform hosted at the MonacoDatacenter. You can also take advantage of our training and awareness sessions for your internal DPO, your management or company employees

Accompaniments to the GDPR compliance

Act now to become GDPR compliant

Actis offers you support adapted to your maturity in personal data protection.
We guarantee the evolution of your compliance through deliverables with concrete objectives.


Inventory of your GDPR compliance

Our experts perform a point-by-point analysis of your company’s compliance with the GDPR regulation. 

Advice and information

Actis provides you with a decision support report on the solutions to be implemented and helps you inform your teams.

Purpose: Establish a roadmap to GDPR compliance
What to do next?


Includes all the services of the
Accompaniment in the drafting of documents

Compliance documents use a technical and precise lexicon, specific to the digital and legal professions. Our experts will help you draft compliance documents according to the rules of the trade.

Setting up the GDPR file
Purpose: To be able to justify the company's RGPD compliance
What to do next?


Includes all the services of the GDPR PREMIUM offer
Support and training for your D.P.O.

Our Gold option allows you to select and train your D.P.O. We help him/her get started, provide him/her with

the regular support and the legal bases he will need for a serene management of the RGPD.

Online compliance management platform

The essential tool for managing your GDPR compliance

Purpose: Identify and train the actors of a sustainable compliance for the company internally and be able to sustainably justify the GDPR compliance of the company

FEDEM agreement

Actis has a FEDEM approval which guarantees a quality standard of our trainings as well as their conpliance to the Monegasque environment. Moreover, this approval allows the partial payment (up to 30% before tax) of the training courses given to your employees.

Extrenalised DPO offers

Choose our experts as your company's DPO

Don’t waste the valuable time of a qualified resource, our experts perform the DPO role for you. You can be sure that your compliance will be monitored.


Ensure your long-term compliance

ACTIS fulfills the role of DPO for your company by performing the essential tasks that ensure your day-to-day GDPR compliance.

Purpose: To entrust the continuity of the company's compliance to a trusted expert


Includes all the services
of the DPO ESSENTIAL formula
We accompany you in the concretization of your commitments towards the GDPR
Purpose: To make the protection of personal data a real asset for your company with the help of an expert


Because we want to offer the best possible support, we offer a range of options that will allow us to compose a support adapted to all companies.

Compliance monitoring platform hosted at the MonacoDatacenter

Smart Compliance Booster

A cross-functional platform for ethics, compliance and monitoring
Your compliance in SMART mode
Plateforme Smart Compliance Booster

Secure hosting in Monaco

MonacoDATACENTER®, Monaco's first very high availability green datacenter
Monaco datacenter
Our green datacenter guarantees an availability rate of 99.997% and benefits from the framework of a secure building, meeting the paraseismic standards.

It benefits from the building’s S.W.A.C. free-cooling system and very high efficiency inverters enabling energy savings of up to 40%.

Permanent supervision combined with ultra-secure connectivity make MonacoDATACENTER® a veritable data vault in the Principality.

Training and awareness-raising

Training and awareness to ensure your company's compliance with the RGPD

From a simple initiation to regular sensitization through the training of the internal DPO, we accompany professionals towards an integration of personal data protection in their daily work.

FEDEM agreement

Actis has a FEDEM approval which guarantees a quality standard of our trainings as well as their conformity to the Monegasque environment. Moreover, this approval allows us to cover part of the cost (up to 30% excl. tax) of the training provided to your employees.

DPO training

Junior courses
Medium courses
Expert courses


For the company's staff
For executives and managers

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