Actis, a key player in Monaco digital transformation

Actis, the telis Group's cyber-resilience expert

Since 2003, Actis has been assisting customers of the telis Group with their company resilience and data protection in the Principality of Monaco and France and abroad. Find out about Actis’s evolution in the face of digital challenges.

Pioneers in business resilience in Monaco

Actis first saw the light of day as part of the Telis Group in 2003, and became the first Monegasque company to offer enterprises data protection solutions associated with business continuity services (BCP and BRP). An innovative concept as a response to the dramatic consequences of the attacks of 11 September 2001.

Solid partnerships

Since 2008, Actis has developed solid partnerships with world-renowned digital players in the areas of cyber security and data protection and recovery.

Towards certified digitalization

With a view to being eco-responsible, companies are taking the paperless route for the documents. Digital data are becoming strategic. Since 2009, Actis has offered the most highly-certified digital archiving solution in France: a secure solution crafted to respond to ecological objectives while offering an optimal level of security, compliance and integrity, targeting the dematerialization of HR documents, invoices and contracts.

A point of reference for data protection in Monaco

in order to offer its customers support and increasingly high-performing solutions, Actis has computer and legal experts among its staff. In fact, Actis’s teams include data protection in all of its projects and recommend products and services to its customers that will enable them to comply with the applicable legislation (GDPR, banking and financial regulations, digital security, etc.)

Actis today

With its experience with numerous customers in the Monegasque financial sector, and as a pioneer in business continuity and recovery plans, Actis has expanded its range of products and offers dematerialization, crisis management and legal compliance services.

In line with the values that led to its formation, Actis continues to protect, secure and retrieve strategic data to its customers.