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Crisis management solution 3.0

Actis offers you a complete crisis management solution and personalized support. Run your crisis unit from any connected screen and ensure that your operations are carried out properly.

Share information in real time

In any crisis situation, your ability to react quickly will be the key for minimizing the impact on your business. Because it is simple to implement and ergonomically intuitive, our crisis management 3.0 solution enables information to be reassembled in the field or in a crisis unit. It is a true shared ledger that will prove to be an indispensable tool for managing all your crisis situations.

A powerful tool for your crisis management


Connect from any connected device. You can work from your PC (Linux or Windows), tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android)
You can create as many sites and users as necessary. It is also possible to create groups of users – a crisis unit, for example. Each group of users may have different functionalities and visuals to help manage rights.
Because every company is unique, our crisis management solution is specially designed to match your criteria and internal procedures. It is possible to use your business continuity plan (BCP) to set up the solution.


Management of interventions, incidents, telephone and radio calls, alarms, visitors, etc.

Organized around a database, events are stored by category.

In the case of complex cases, it is possible to create father/son links among events.
It is possible to manage material and human resources within the solution, to provide information on the plans for each worker and consult the activities given to him or her.

It is possible to generate information on each worker and material resource so that everyone can be informed in real time.
Generate a PDF report of the event that includes full information graded and presented in chronological order with a simple click.

This PDF file can also be archived in a digital safe, sent by e-mail and consulted by a person who does not have access to the solution. It may constitute evidence enabling you to show that you are managing and monitoring a crisis situation properly.
As an option, a control panel that makes it possible to provide a large number of indicators on the operation of the service. These control panels, reports and indicators are dynamic, and can be managed directly by your administrator.


Inspired by Google tools, the ergonomics and simplicity of use of the solution make rapid entry is possible using drop-down lists and/or auto-completion (by entering a few characters).
Your teams in the field can take a photo or video of the situation and attach it to the file as an attachment. When a document is included in the ledger, a miniature version is directly shown in the event. It is not necessary to open the document to become aware of it.
Your crisis management solution has integrated mapping that allows you to localize all interventions under way on a map of the site.

The crisis management solution enables you to send texts or e-mails to users. It is possible to automate sending of a “mission order” by text on the assignment of a resource.

The recipient of the message may respond by text. This answer is acknowledged and recorded in the ledger.

Total traceability, security and confidentiality

Manage crisis situations with total confidentiality

Refined management of rights authorizes multi-service use for you while maintaining the confidentiality of the information.

Optimal data security:

Data are encrypted when they are exchanged and stored in a secure database. The solution web interface uses the https protocol for additional security.

Monitoring and traceability of data entries:

All entries are automatically time stamped and identified. No entered information can be modified or deleted. This is one of the fundamental elements of the ledger.

Use the advice of our crisis management experts

Actis has been helping its customers manage every kind of crisis situation for over 15 years,. Our experts bring their skills and experience to your crisis unit to help you implement the organizational, human and digital arrangements you need to preserve the security of data and people.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us now for an assessment of your crisis management needs so that you can make the appropriate arrangements.

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