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Actis offers you outsourced data and archival with probative value hosted at the MonacoDATACENTER®

Our expertise, your data security

Actis offers innovative digital solutions for companies in the Principality of Monaco. Find out about the unique data and archiving outsourcing services hosted at the MonacoDATACENTER® :
  • Protect your data from incidents (cyber-attacks, fires, floods, etc.)
  • Guarantee the integrity of your data for your partners.
  • Protect your customers’ and collaborators’ data (CCIN, GDPR).
  • Archive all your documents in full compliance with a certified solution with probative value.

Unique solutions in Monaco

Datacenter Monaco, Les armoires serveurs
Outsource your documents at the Monaco DATACENTER and enjoy the benefits of flexible, intelligent and secure backup that offers you the opportunity to recover a targeted part of your documents at any time without risking the integrity of your data
Archive your data with the Actis digital safe and take advantage of a real archiving solution with probative value for all your documents (HR, accounting, commercial, etc.), allowing you to save time, space and money

The benefits of hosting your data with MonacoDATACENTER®

High availability

  • Guaranteed 4 to 10 Gbps bandwidth
  • Commitment to 24/7 GTR 4H service operator quality
  • QinQ VLAN double encapsulation technology
  • Flexilink duplication and security
  • 1 SMEG network line
  • 1 CCAM network line
  • Generator with fuel reserves

High security

  • Anti-seismic building
  • Dual fire detection system
  • Hydrometric and hygrometric monitors
  • Guard service
  • Biometric access checked by authorized staff
  • Access to bays with personal badge
  • Video surveillance of interior and exterior access points
  • Intrusion detection with alarms connected to Monaco Sécurité

Green IT technology

Seawater-cooled central air-conditioning units

  • Energy code of conduct
  • Supplementary photovoltaic panels
  • Very high-performance power supply
Hot-aisle containment with aspiration of warm air behind the bays and discharge of cool air in front of them.
In addition to offer the last digital cloud hosting technologies for your data protection, MonacoDATACENTER® is delivering a top quality service thanks to its unique design. Make substential savings and choose a environment-friendly solution to host, backup and store your company datas.

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