Our values

Our values

Actis has been assisting its customers with company resilience and the storage and retrieval of their data since 2003. In this, Actis has oriented its product range around four key values: trust, quality, sustainability and security.

Our engagements for your project






développement durable


Actis allows its customers to integrate the appropriate level of security and compliance into each digital project thanks to the implementation of quality services and solutions that are part of the strategy of sustainable development.

The expertise of its teams together with the know-how of its partners make Actis an essential trusted partner for the protection, storage and retrieval of companies’ current and strategic data and for their resilience strategy.

Our expert teams at your service

Actis’s teams are made up of legal advisers, compliance and risk analysis experts, engineers, experts in digital technologies, developers and marketing adviser and experts in analysing your needs. This unique blend of know-how makes it possible for Actis to offer practical, efficient solutions to companies that corresponds to your objectives and needs. Our teams work together to take all technical, operational, practical, legal and financial challenges into consideration in the solutions it offers to its customers.