Dematerialisation: A major Monaco bank chooses Actis​

Dematerialisation: A major Monaco bank chooses Actis

Why dematerialise pay slips?

Dematerialisation has many advantages, first of all security and confidentiality. No more pay slips lying around on the corner of a desk for prying eyes to see. You receive your payslip directly in your personal digital safe. A copy is archived in the company’s digital safe ! This means savings in paper, transport and logistics, i.e. financial savings, but also savings in space and CO2 emissions.

Actis' solution caught the attention of this Monegasque bank on a number of strategic points.

The opinion of our client, Executive Director - Head of HR at a major bank in Monaco

Actis: Hello, what is your position at CMB Monaco?

Client : Hi, I’ve been Human Resources Manager for a major Monegasque bank for almost 5 years and I work with a team of 4 people.

Actis: What is the benefit of dematerialisation for your clients?

Client : Our philosophy is: Banking Ahead and we apply it with our clients as well as with our employees. We really understand digitalisation in the broadest sense, and it involves all aspects including HR processes such as the production and distribution of pay slips.

Actis: What were the challenges of dematerialising payslips for you?

Client : The HR issues are above all ecological and practical, we no longer need to print pay slips and it fits in with our paperless policy. It also saves time and efficiency, as there is no need to distribute pay slips. It gives the employee easy access to their pay slips. This is especially important when working remotely, which is currently the case. This follows the evolution of work and the implementation of teleworking on a larger scale.

Actis: Why did you choose a solution hosted 100% in Monaco?

Client : We chose a solution hosted 100% in Monaco for several reasons. For data security, for accessibility, for data protection and for the responsiveness of our contacts who are close to us and with whom we work very efficiently.

Actis: What are the benefits for your employees?

Client : The advantages for employees are pay slips that are automatically stored in a digital safe.  To explain the process, the pay slips are pushed into this safe every month. This safe is the property of the employee. They can add the documents they want to protect such as a copy of their passport etc… it is very simply accessible, it is really practical and very interesting for employees.

Actis: Thank you for your feedback and your trust