GDPR application within digital economy conference

Conference on dematerialization and GDPR

Actis organized a morning of conferences in Monaco on 8 November 2017 dedicated to the Law on the digital economy of 2 August 2011 and the Sovereign Ordinances published in August 2017, as well as the application of the GDPR in the context of the digital economy.

An update on advances in dematerialization in Monaco

Around 60 guests from government, banking and finance in general, hospitals and consultancy firms responded to Actis’s invitation on this Wednesday morning to a session of interventions by experts.

Following an introduction by Thierry Leray, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Actis, and Jean-Pierre Ballet, Director, Eric A. Caprioli, a Paris lawyer and Vice-President of the FNTC, among other things, discussed the status of dematerialization in Monaco and looked at the effect of these Sovereign Ordinances.

This was followed by a double session on digital safes with Alain Borghesi ( and Jean-Pierre Ballet, who went into the principles and methods for the dematerialization of invoices and HR documents. Roger-Yves Pelletret, Chief Executive Officer of Atline Services, presented his national platform for the dematerialization of company consultation procedures,, which operates in the Alpes-Maritimes under the name e-marches06.

It is in this context of the development of dematerialization in the Principality of Monaco that Atline Services has partnered with Actis to develop e-marchés Monaco, a platform for dematerializing calls for tender in the Principality, which is currently at the planning stage.

GDPR and the security of personal data are the focus of attention

A morning dedicated to dematerialization would not have been complete without a focus on the GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation), which has applied to all the countries of the European Union since 25 May 2018. Among the principles included in the Regulation is the accountability obligation, which consists of providing things in the case of an audit measures have been taken to guarantee data protection.
"Nearly all of us are involved, including in the Principality, whether as outsourcers or as data supervisors".
Marion Soler directrice d'Actis
Marion Soler
Actis director