Atempo, Actis’ new partner for data protection

Atempo, protection des données

Atempo, Actis' new partner for data protection

Actis and Atempo have joined forces to offer new data protection services hosted in the MonacoDatacenter.
This exclusive collaboration allows Monegasque companies to protect their critical data in real time and with complete transparency

Since 2003, Actis, a subsidiary of the telis Group, has been supporting the digital transition of Monegasque companies and institutions through data protection and security.

Actis offers innovative outsourcing, data protection and data recovery solutions to enable its customers to restart in the event of a disaster, cyber threat or data loss.

Today, Actis chooses Atempo, the European leader in data protection and a major player in data management on the international scene, to offer an extensive, reliable and efficient data protection service. By relying on MonacoDatacenter, the first ISO27001-certified green datacenter in Monaco, Actis guarantees its customers an optimal level of security and availability for the protection of their data.

Innovative and sovereign solutions for the protection of Monegasque companies' data

With this new offer, companies and organizations in Monaco will be able to automatically protect data on their workstations and file servers, in real time and with complete transparency.

Atempo simplifies the restoration of protected data by allowing users and administrators to return to a pre-disaster situation with confidence, thanks to its time navigation functionality.

Atempo’s deduplication mechanisms (ADE) significantly reduce the amount of data storage space required, thus contributing to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of data centers. This advantage is naturally in line with the Principality’s eco-responsible approach to digital tools.

A digital alliance at the service of Monegasque companies and organizations

"We are very pleased to welcome Atempo among our partners. These new data protection offerings within MonacoDatacenter, position the telis Group, alongside Atempo, more than ever as the digital partner of Monegasque companies and organizations."
Thierry Leray, Directeur Général Telis Groupe
Thierry Leray
Chief Executive Officer of the telis Group
"Strengthened by this partnership, Actis innovates and strengthens the activity at the heart of its business: data protection. Actis stands by the side of Monegasque companies as a trusted partner to face cyber threats."
Marion Soler, Directeur général d'Actis
Marion Soler
General Manager of Actis, a subsidiary of the telis Group
"In a tense geopolitical context and in the face of the explosion of cybercrime, Atempo is proud to commit itself alongside the telis Group in order to offer sovereign cybersecurity solutions. As true European alternatives, our solutions guarantee the security of our customers' data ecosystems."
Atempo Carre
Luc d’Urso
Président Directeur Général d’Atempo

Meet the Actis and Atempo teams at Monaco Business 2022
Tuesday October 4, 2022 | Sea Club – Méridien Beach Plaza

About Atempo

Atempo is a French software company, European leader in business data protection and management solutions with an international presence. A member of the FrenchTech120 alumni 2020, Atempo offers backup and disaster recovery solutions for physical and virtual servers as well as workstations, and a platform dedicated to managing very large volumes of data. Atempo’s solutions are certified as used by the French Armed Forces and FranceCybersecurity. The company is certified ISO 9001 for its Quality Management System. Committed to the fight against cybercrime, Atempo is Vice President of Hexatrust and is a member of the system. 

About MonacoDatacenter

Since 2013, the telis group has been offering you the services of MonacoDATACENTER®, the first green datacenter in Monaco. With an exceptional availability rate, our datacenter benefits from the framework of a secure building, meeting earthquake-resistant standards and equipped with a free-cooling system using sea water. Permanent supervision combined with ultra-secure connectivity make MonacoDATACENTER® a veritable data safe in the Principality. The telis Group is a pioneer in the field of digital data hosting and protection solutions in the Principality of Monaco, and the MonacoDATACENTER® services are part of a certified sustainable development approach.

About Actis

Actis, a subsidiary of the telis Group, has been providing Monegasque companies and organizations with a complete range of innovative risk prevention solutions since 2003. Coupled with a service that listens to your real needs, our solutions allow you to react efficiently in case of crisis or disaster. Today, we offer even more services, with the first eco-responsible datacenter in Monaco for the conservation and restitution of your data and support for companies to comply with digital data management or dematerialization.