Actis offers Cécurity digital safes

Actis is the exclusive provider of Cécurity digital safes in Monaco

Actis S.A.M. is the exclusive provider in Monaco of digital safes as well as class 1 to 3++ SSL Europa certificates (issued one-on-one) with probative value in the whole of Europe.

An archival tool with probative value

Digital safes make it possible to store digital objects with the same probative value as signed paper documents at any time in complete security. Users can consult these documents and requests, and make certified copies of them with all the required legal value.

Multiple applications

Digital safes do not only serve to store legal data over long periods, however: the confidentiality and traceability they bring enable many other uses to be made of them. For example, online gaming companies use them to guarantee the precise time of a bet. Multinationals use them to transfer confidential information from one country to another.

Unequalled certification and solid references

The Cecurity solution is certified as complying with the AFNOR Z42-020 standard. It guarantees both the security and confidentiality of stored information and its reversibility. Customers can transport their archives to another product without any loss of probative value. Its references include the French government, which uses it to manage the Civil Registry of French citizens born abroad, Archives de France, Poste Française, Allocations Familiales, MMA, Française des Jeux, Allianz and Air France, among others. This solution has proved its effectiveness, responding to the needs of individuals, SMEs, SMIs and large organizations with “”petabits”” (millions of billions of bits) of data to manage. It can be installed internally or can be shared and hosted at Actis’s data centre (MonacoDATACENTER).