The birth of Actis – Telis Group

The birth of Actis - Telis Group

Following the attacks on 11 September 2001, the world became aware of the risk and the dramatic consequences run by every company following a major incident.

Actis was therefore formed to protect companies’ data and to make efficient physical and digital fallback solutions available to them in the event of an incident or major crisis.

In 2003, the Monegasque Société Anonyme Actis was formed as part of the Telis Group to protect and secure the strategic data of companies in the Principality.
Actis’s initial clients were banks, companies, TPEs, SMIs, SMEs and public authorities in Monaco, as well as the PACA region, that clearly understood the risks and challenges of making digital data secure.

Actis’s launch was helped by the support of a large computer manufacturer, IBM, which is the European leader in BCRS (Backup Continuity Recovery Services).

The services offered at the time Actis was launched included online backups, trading room assistance, user assistance, network and telephone assistance, user assistance, digital archiving assistance and support Actis’s
Thierry Leray, Directeur Général Telis Groupe
Thierry Leray
General Director - telis Group
Jean Pierre Ballet
Administrator - Actis