The Order of Chartered Accountants of Monaco recommends

The Order of Chartered Accountants of Monaco recommends

Find out the opinion of Mr. Stéphane Garino, President of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Monaco after 1 year of using the dematerialization platform. The Order of Chartered Accountants of Monaco is made up of 35 members, chartered accountants and certified accountants, officiating in the principality at the service of private clients and individuals.

– What are the advantages of dematerialization in your profession?

In the context of our profession, a profession that unfortunately uses a lot of paper, dematerialization makes us more efficient at first.

Efficiency in the exchanges within the firms or exchanges with our clients. Efficiency also in the speed of processing, especially in times like the ones we just went through with COVID19.

It also saves us in terms of logistics, since we save all the time lost due to logistics whether internally in the firms or with our clients.

It also saves us in terms of information security, since the information is stored in secure environments by professional providers.

And of course on the Ecological level, it is a contribution to reduce our paper consumption and that ecology is at the center of the concerns of accounting firms.

– What are the benefits that arise from dematerialization for your clients?

It’s very positive, customers see the gain in efficiency, they see the possibility of using electronic signature, but also the security of exchanges.

The customers are also learning dematerialization, they receive much more dematerialized information.

They have not yet educated themselves in the use of the electronic safe, which they could set up for their own account and in which we would come and feed information (with the traceability advantages that this induces).

The benefits brought by dematerialization will increase over time, once the tools become a little more centralized or will unify, depending on the different stakeholders.

– Why did you choose a solution hosted in Monaco?

The issue of the location of information and the fact that it is secured in the principality of Monaco, is still an essential element for the customer and therefore the governance of the data.

That is, guaranteeing to customers that their data has remained in the Principality of Monaco, that they can access it, at any time and that it can be returned to them without it having crossed borders and we don’t know what borders.

This is a key element in motivating clients to adopt the dematerialization of information exchange.

– How was the solution deployment?

The implementation of the solution was very effective since it was initiated with training. It is the action of a number of members and dedicated teams who immediately adopted the solution and tested the solution on initial files in order to then deploy it to all employees and gradually to an increasing number of members of the Monaco Order of Chartered Accountants.

– It’s now been 1 year since you’ve been using, what’s the outcome?

The assessment is very positive, we have more and more employees who ask us to dematerialize or automate certain functions that were still paper-based within our firm.

We have both pure dematerialization but also workflows that are created through So the workflows allow us to facilitate the different validation processes, and to dematerialize a certain number of processes that we still had in paper format.

The demand comes from users, customers or employees, which clearly demonstrates the adoption of the tool by all actors.

– Would you recommend to companies in Monaco?

Actually, we are already within the Order of Chartered Accountants in the process of motivating all members to adhere to this tool and to implement it. We are also pushing all of our clients to look into this solution, so that they can benefit from all of the features of the application, in particular the management of electronic signatures and the dematerialization of their document signature or validation process. : A 100% Monegasque dematerialization service , monaco dematerialization platform
Since September 2020, Actis, a subsidiary of the Telis Group specializing in compliance and digital security issues, has been offering the online dematerialization platform

To offer a service that meets the challenges of digital transformation in the Principality of Monaco, Actis has chosen to partner with Docaposte, digital subsidiary of La Poste Group, a major player in trusted digital solutions and a close partner of SMEs, ETIs, major accounts and public sector organizations to support them and accelerate their transformation. The platform benefits from secure hosting in MonacoDatacenter, the Telis Group’s high-security green datacenter. thus offers an online service for the dematerialization of documents and work processes that is 100% Monegasque.

A cost-effective digital solution that speeds up administrative exchanges

As Mr. Garino mentioned in the interview, allows you to save a lot of time on exchanges and logistics. Indeed, all your exchanges are centralized in the tool, so the time of transport of the information becomes null. In addition, you no longer waste time searching for information in your files or emails thanks to the indexing tools and the integrated search engine.

Thanks to the logging and traceability functions, you have access in real time and in the same place to the latest version of the desired document as well as to all its history and related exchanges.

More confidentiality, traceability and security in exchanges

The dematerialization of documents allows to reinforce their security and confidentiality on several aspects. First of all, access to documents is controlled and traced. Secondly, it is possible to define workflows that will ensure document traceability throughout the production cycle. Finally, the electronic signature and the digital safe will allow to guarantee the identity of the participants and to archive the documents with an imprint bringing a legal value.

Quick and easy deployment, natural adoption

Ecology at the heart of the digital transition process

With the adoption of, the company reduces considerably its paper and ink consumption but also the repetitive email exchanges for the validation of the documents or the storage of multiple versions of the same document on the servers of the company and thus the waste of digital storage space. also reduces the use of registered mail and therefore of carriers. Hosted in the Telis group’s green datacenter, MonacoDatacenter, is installed in an IT environment that consumes 40% less energy than a conventional datacenter. In addition, MonacoDatacenter’s facilities have been 100% powered by renewable energy since 2014, as evidenced by the positive energy label awarded to the Telis Group every year by the SMEG. With all these concrete advantages, enables your company to make a genuine daily ecological commitment.