Grants for Digital Transformation

Grants for digital projects in Monaco

Find out how to facilitate your digital transformation in Monaco with Actis by using the exceptional services and support provided by the Monegasque government:
The Extended Monaco platform for Business and the “Fonds bleu”

How can I benefit from "Fonds bleu" for my digital projects?

Monegasque companies, do you want to boost your business by going digital? Benefit from increased visibility, optimize your processes, improve your organization and your profitability. Develop your turnover and take control of your digital growth.

Actis supports you in your digital transformation process from the moment you sign up to the EME platform to the moment you obtain partial financing for your project.

Get up to 70% financing for your digital projects in 3 simple steps!

the "Extended Monaco for business" platform

Launched on December 17, 2020, the Extended Monaco for Business platform is designed to evaluate, train and support Monegasque companies in their digital transformation.

Extended Monaco for Business will provide you with the foundations to better understand the digital environment, its tools, benefits and risks. 

Objectives of the Extended Monaco platform for Business

Assess your digital maturity

The Extended Monaco platform for companies (EME) offers you a quick self-diagnosis module (about 15 minutes) to assess your digital maturity. This step is essential, it allows you to identify the training courses that will allow you to serenely approach the digital shift.

Digital training

You have free access to more than 100 training courses offered by the Monegasque government around 5 essential themes : 

At the end of these trainings, you evaluate your knowledge and obtain your Monaco E-Pass, which certifies the skills acquired through your training path.

Note that obtaining a Monaco E-Pass is a plus for obtaining financing from the Blue Fund for your projects.
Find a partner

A directory of partners offering digital-related services and solutions selected by the Monegasque government. You will find among others the companies of the telis Group: Telis, Actis and EasyOne.

Propose events

In association with the Monaco Economic Board and the FEDEM (Federation of Monegasque Companies), the Princely Government is offering a series of free webinars: “Les Ateliers du numérique”.

Financing your project

All the information and steps to be taken to prepare your application for assistance from the Blue Fund in the context of a digital transformation project.

Actis, official partner of Extended Monaco for Companies

Actis has been selected by the Extended Monaco for Business program set up by the Monegasque Government to support companies in Monaco in their digital transition!
We are proud to be able to provide our advice as an official partner of the platform launched on 17 December 2020.

Our areas of expertise for your digital transition:

How does Actis support you in obtaining your Blue Fund coverage?

We accompany you every step of the way through your digital transition process to ensure you have the best chance of success!

We evaluate, with you, your needs in dematerialization of your administrative processes, digital compliance and digital risk management.

We accompany you in your registration to the EME platform and the realization of your digital maturity diagnosis, we help you to assimilate the training necessary to obtain the Monaco E-Pass certifications that you need for the proper conduct of your project.

Once you have obtained your Monaco E-Pass, Actis experts will assist you in preparing your application to have your digital transition project supported by the Blue Fund.

Benefiting from "Fonds bleu"

The “Fonds Bleu” aims to finance digital transition projects of Monegasque companies. Accepted projects can be financed up to 70% of the presented budget!

Eligibility criteria for the company

Eligible digital transition projects

Projects are eligible if they are part of a digital transition plan that meets one of the following three objectives:

To be eligible, projects must also create added value (job creation, increase in turnover, etc.).

Examples of eligible projects


Prepare your digital transformation with Actis

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    Personal data protection policy