Electronic tendering

Electronic tendering

“Prepare your dematerialized calls for tender in Monaco Publish your public contracts online. Secure filings and exchanges. Platform hosted at the MonacoDATACENTER®

A solution that keeps up with the times

It has been compulsory to dematerialize most government procurement contracts in France since 1 October 2018. Public purchases must therefore declare that any offers sent to them in paper format are irregular. The same applies to offers sent by companies on a digital support such as a USB key.

An eco-responsible approach

Thanks to the dematerialization of public contracts, reduce your energy bills and those of your bidders. Commit to an eco-responsible approach and sustainably reduce your use of paper, making economies of scale.

Actis's solutions for Monegasque public contracts

Actis offers a dematerialization platform for public contracts to Monegasque institutions and companies hosted in the Principality at the Telis Group’s MonacoDATACENTER®.
  • For purchasers
  • For candidates

Facilitated publication of calls for tender

  • Creation and publication of calls for tender
  • Creation and publication of DCEs (Company Consultation Files)
  • Management of publications by department

Advanced user management

  • A unique user account for each worker
  • Management of groups of users, departments, etc.
  • Management of hierarchical validations

Facilitated communications with bidders

  • System for notifying decisions and awards
  • Paperless exchange service with history
  • Management of exchanges by department

Secure hosting in Monaco

  • Hosting of the solution at the MonacoDATACENTER®.
  • Secure VPN tunnel
  • Encryption of data

Technical support and assistance with use

  • Online documentation and assistance
  • Training
  • Hotline

Free services for candidates

  • Consultation of calls for tender without registration
  • Creation of an account to respond to calls for tender
  • Downloading of DCEs (Company Consultation Files)
  • Response to calls for tender
  • Support hotline

Rapid, secure exchanges

  • Reduced risk of losing files
  • Secure access and encrypted filings
  • Space for electronic exchanges with public purchases
  • System for notifying decisions and awards
  • Secure hosting of data at the Monaco DATACENTER

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