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  • Data security

  • Crisis management

  • Compliance

Storage, security and retrieval of your data

Modern, innovative solutions to protect your data and documents in compliance with Monegasque and international regulations. Protect your business, increase productivity and ensure the integrity of your documents.

Data hosting, backup and recovery

  • Backup plan
  • Outsourcing your data at MonacoDATACENTER®
  • Management of data protection
  • Data recovery service in the event of an accident

Digital safe with probative value

  • Storage and digitalization of your documents
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Certified and conformed copies of your documents
  • Digital safe service certified by AFNOR, CNIL…

Protect your data from system accidents

Your data are at the heart of your business. Customer contacts, employment documents, commercial agreements, accounting, human resources, marketing … All these activities are currently stored on your IT systems or computers.

What would happen if:
  • you lost your computer?
  • your server broke down?
  • you lost your internet connection?
  • your company was subject to a cyber attack?

There are many different kinds of incident that can corrupt or destroy your data, leading to irreparable consequences for your company.

Crisis management and cyber-resilience

Prepare your crisis management and give yourself the resources to put your plan into action. Restart your business in Monaco quickly and effectively in the event of a crisis. Carry on satisfying your customers whatever problem you may encounter.

Business continuity plan

  • Risk analysis
  • Risk limitation procedures
  • Remediation procedures
  • Crisis management assistance

Business recovery plan

  • Secure your data at MonacoDATACENTER
  • Digital backup site in Monaco
  • 24/7 hotline and technical support
  • Business continuity testing and security training

Connected crisis management

  • Human and material resource management
  • Configuration of crisis scenarios
  • Localization of events and alerts
  • Crisis management assistance

Actis helps you become paperless

Carry out a fully-compliant digital transition with Actis’s support services. Offer your customers a trusted service. Save time and increase productivity and reactivity, and enhance both the competitiveness and quality of your products.

GDPR and personal data protection

  • Analyse your operating processes and data handling.
  • Assess your level ofcompliance with GDPR and CCIN Regulations.
  • Develop action plans for your compliance process.
  • Appoint an internal or external DPO to maintain compliance.

Digitalization of calls for tenders

  • Evaluate your call for tender dematerialization plan.
  • Build action plans for your project.
  • Master your data exchanges and make them secure.
  • Launch and support your project.